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Balance Your Books bookkeeping service
Licensed, Bonded and Insured
YOUR bookkeeper for Gainesville, Flowery Branch, 
Buford, and the surrounding areas
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Is the bookkeeping side of 
your business as professional 
as the rest of your business?
If not:
Balance Your Books is the answer 
to your bookkeeping needs 
in North Georgia.

  Small business owners are our focus, and 
we have part-time hours available 
to help them stay organized.

​We specialize in bill paying and 
bank reconciliations.  If balancing those
pesky bank statements is a chore,
we are here to the rescue!

​Are you just starting up a new business?  If so, an independent bookkeeper can take away the worry of billing and collecting from your new clients, and running reports to show when and how you are being to make profits.
Just starting up a new business?  
An independent professional can save you time & more & show you how your new business is progressing!

Email us:reni8@charter.net

Call us today:404/457-7582

This page was last updated: February 7, 2019

Whew! Now that January is over and the 1099's and W-2's are done, it's time to focus on getting ready for the accountants to do their work.  If you didn't have any accounting software last year to use, try to gather all of your income and expenses together for 2018, schedule an appointment with an accountant, and get in early to get started on those taxes! If you need help organizing those documents, schedule an appointment with me now and I'll be glad to input them in my software and prepare the necessary reports for your accountant.